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Thanks to all the MoRunners out there for making this first Moustache Run a lot of fun!  Looking forward to next year, a few areas we'll work on to make the event better are: 1) Pre-Race Packet Pickup to help with registration, 2) Quicker access to the drinks after the race and 3) Better bag drop.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

MoRunners Moustache Run MoRunners

Click on any of these pics to checkout ALL of the Snap Yourself! photobooth photos!

Erin Manlove, First Place Women's - 17:43

Mike Beunting, First Place Men's - 16:44

Best Moustache(s) - Thomas & Caleb

There's a quick FAQ section below, but  for all of your crazy Moustache Run questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@moustacherun.com

"I'm a girl, why should I participate?"
First of all, nice to meet you.  I'll meet you at the finish line and you can shave my 'stache. Oh, you have a boyfriend?  Well, then you should know we'll give a razor to each MoLady who finishes the race so she can shave that mouth brow off your guy before the lunch bell rings.

Q: "I'm a kid, what about me?"
The Moustache Run is open to all ages, just as long as parent's consent, and promise to be awesome.  And by awesome, that would include everything except sending a barrage of emails post-race day asking how permanent marker comes off.

Q: "Is the race timed?"
By us, no.  By you, sure.  Confucious say, "He that would perfect his own moustache must also tell time".  In translation: we'll have a clock at the start and finish.  Other than that, we're all about a simple victory lap for your 'stache.

Q: "Where can I park my vehicle?"
A: You should use Uber taxi service to transport your whiskers and feet to the race and back home.  But, if you insist on driving, then we suggest St. Athony Falls Ramp