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When the Moustache Run started four years ago, the Gophers had yet to lock in the Thanksgiving weekend rivalry against the Badgers. In early 2014, there was a mudslide on the West River Parkway. Both of these became a "wrench in our plans" when working with all parties to gain approval on routes. The University of Minnesota, the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Parks & Rec Board have all been phenomenal at working with us to provide the assistance needed to lock in running routes that will be safe and enjoyable for all of our runners. As those that ran our 1/2 marathon last year remember, our course was a "never before ran" route that took you across a train bridge and through the U of M property. It was quite beautiful, and it helped us avoid the mudslide.

This year we just simply cannot take that same route due to the Gophers game starting at 2:30pm. As we waited to hear about the timing of the Gophers game, we were also receiving updates on the progress made in repairing the mudslide on West River Parkway. We were optimistic that they were ahead of schedule due to the warm weather, and had reports that the parkway would be cleared in time for our run. Once the West River Parkway is cleared, we can go back to our original course, which will take both the mudslide and Gophers/Badgers game issues off our plate.

In the end, the mudslide will not be cleared by 11/28, and the Gophers game is at 2:30pm. We have worked tirelessly over the past 2 weeks on backup routes, and have recently acquired approvals from all parties on new routes for each distance. What you'll notice is that the 5k and 10k go back to a loop course, which is great! Part of the feedback we heard about last year's routes were that you'd prefer a loop to an out & back. Well, here you go. 

The 1/2 marathon is a once in a blue moon scenario. You'll run 2 loops, which on the bright side will take you across the historic Stone Arch Bridge & the Plymouth Ave Bridge twice, resulting in four trips across the Mighty Mississippi River. In 2016, we'll be able to revert back to a course that is an out and back down the West River Parkway. 

Here are the updated course maps:

1/2 Marathon:



Lil Mo Mile:

Thanks for your participation in the 2015 Moustache Run. We are grateful. Lest us not forget this is all in the name of Prostate Cancer awareness, and we are very motivated to continue to provide you enjoyable, challenging and fun racing experiences. 

We'll see your hairy faces on race day morning!

- Charlie & Josh

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