That's a wrap!

The 2017 Moustache Run was a giant success. Thank you to all of the runners who came out to make it such a great day, and to all of the volunteers who made the run possible in the first place. 

Your swag


Every mo deserves the most

Bring your sweat catcher to the starting line this November and we will reward you with some sweat swag. Every MoRunner will receive the 2017 knit stocking cap and be inducted into the Moustache Run Club. Yeah, we have no idea what that means, but you'll be "in". 

All finishers will receive the 2017 finisher's medal, which is inspired by the beautiful bushy wonderfulness of the walrus style moustache. Because we love famous hockey coaches.
And The Lorax.


Your beer

Lakes & Legends

Lakes & legends brewery

Each runner will receive a beer from our partner Lakes & Legends, a brewery focused on seasonal, crafted flavors highlighted in a variety of artisanal Belgian and Farmhouse ales.

Our after party is inside Nicollet Island Pavilion, where you can warm up with a brew and dance to the music our DJ spins. Just please don't shave inside.